• February 26, 2015

Employee Benefits at Nonprofit Groups: How They Are Faring in the Recession

Employee benefits are a prized part of any compensation package, and at nonprofit organizations they are crucial to attracting and retaining talented staff members.

But in a financial climate that is forcing nonprofit leaders to reduce salaries and slash jobs, how are benefits packages faring?

Are groups offering new enticements as non-cash incentives? How have they revamped benefit plans? What might nonprofit organizations do to continue to provide decent benefits for their employees?

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The Guests

James Weinberg founded Commongood Careers, a national nonprofit search firm in Boston that helps social entrepreneurs with their hiring needs and provides resources for job seekers looking for meaningful careers in the nonprofit world. Previously, Mr. Weinberg served as national development director at Building Educated Leaders for Life, in Boston, and was executive director of the Homeless Children's Education Fund, in Pittsburgh.

Stephanie L. Geller is the research project manager for the Listening Post Project and the Nonprofit Employment Data Project at the Johns Hopkins University's Center for Civil Society Studies, in Baltimore. Previously, Ms. Geller worked as an economic development coordinator at Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, and as a research associate at the National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives, in Washington.

Click on the window below to view the replay of this archived discussion.

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