• February 27, 2015
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How America’s Biggest Companies Give

2013 Corporate-Giving Survey

Browse the graphic below for information on giving at large companies in 2012, including their cash gifts, noncash giving, ways they encourage employee giving, and the causes they support. To find a corporation, search below or click from company to company using the bar chart.

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Cash giving in 2012


Change from 2011


Pretax profits in 2011


Giving as percentage of pretax profits


How this company’s giving compares with other big companies

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Noncash Donations

Fair-market value of all noncash donations:  

How It Spurs Workers to Give and Volunteer

Matches gifts to charity from employees:  

Total value of matching gifts made by the company:  

Share of employees who ask for donations to be matched:  

Provides cash donations to charity based on hours employees volunteer:  

Share of employees who participate in the volunteer program:  

Causes It Supports


More Information

Fiscal year ends in  


Learn more: Read the full report and explore the data

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