• February 26, 2015

How Charities Can Adapt to Facebook’s Changes

Tuesday, February 19 at noon U.S. Eastern Time

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Many nonprofits are scrambling to make sure their supporters see important photos, links, and posts now that Facebook has changed its formula for determining what people see when they use the social network.

Because of the changes, some charities say posts that once drew considerable attention now languish.

Learn how other charities are coping with the challenges and how you can make sure your group's content stands out by reading the transcript below of a live online discussion.

The Guests:

John Haydon wrote Facebook Marketing for Dummies and founded a social-media strategy firm in Massachusetts.

Lori Tsuruda is founder and executive director of People Making a Difference, which organizes hands-on volunteer projects for individuals and trains nonprofit leaders on ways to manage volunteers.

The Moderator:

Cody Switzer is The Chronicle's Web editor and reports on how nonprofits use technology and social media. He helps oversee social media for The Chronicle.


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