• February 1, 2015

How Charities Can Fight Overhead Myths

Tuesday, October 2, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

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Nonprofits often feel pressure to eschew many of the practices that are common in business.

Unlike businesses, charities are frequently limited in their ability to pay competitive salaries that attract and retain talented employees. They also are faced with intense public pressure to keep their overhead costs low.

But Dan Pallotta, author of the new book Charity Case, says that mind-set needs to change if nonprofits are to achieve their missions. 

Mr. Pallotta is urging nonprofits to join forces to change public perceptions about spending on overhead as well as to push new ideas that will help them attract the money and flexibility they need to tackle big challenges.

Read the transcript below of a live online discussion in which Mr. Pallotta answered readers' questions about his proposals to increase charity advertising, advocacy, and other matters.

Read an opinion piece Dan Pallotta wrote for The Chronicle.

The Guest
Dan Pallotta
is the author of Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World (Jossey-Bass) and Uncharitable (Tufts University Press). He also led the company that created the AIDS Rides and the Breast Cancer 3-Day events.

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