• January 28, 2015

How Charities Can Use Data to Learn to Do a Better Job

Tuesday, October 18, at noon, U.S. Eastern time

Jeff Edmondson

Jeff Edmondson, executive director of Strive Network.

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Jeff Edmondson, executive director of Strive Network.

Nonprofits are increasingly using data and analytical evaluations to show grant makers and other supporters how their money is being used but not as much for internal use.

Those same evaluations can also be used to find out how well programs are working and to improve their internal operations. Nonprofits of all sizes can find low-cost ways to use data to serve their beneficiaries better.

Join us on Tuesday, October 18, at noon U.S. Eastern time for a live online discussion that will answer your questions about measuring performance and offer practical tips on how to develop and adapt such evaluations.

The guests:

Jeff Edmondson is executive director of the Strive Network, a Cincinnati coalition of nonprofits, school districts, and companies that work to improve education. Previously he was a foundation officer at the KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

Matthew Forti is the performance measurement practice area manager at Bridgespan, a consulting firm that works with nonprofits. He writes Bridgespan's Measuring to Improve blog.

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