• February 27, 2015

How Fundraisers Can Navigate the Slow Recovery

Tuesday, June 26, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

The tough challenges for nonprofit fundraisers were made clear with the release of the new edition of "Giving USA," which shows donations last year were 11 percent lower than before the recession's effects began to be felt in 2007.

Read the transcript below of a live online discussion about the approaches nonprofits are taking that work even in hard times, and more about the key trends outlined in the "Giving USA" report.

The Guests

Kent Dove is a fundraising consultant, teacher, and author. He has led successful fundraising programs and capital campaigns at a number of colleges and universities, including the first $1-billion campaign completed by a public university in Indiana.

Robert F. Sharpe, Jr. is president of the Sharpe Group, a fund-raising consulting company in Memphis. He has helped many leading nonprofits plan, develop, and implement successful major gift planning and endowment programs over more than 30 years of development and consulting.

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