• January 25, 2015

Making Everyone a Fundraiser

Thursday, November 21, at noon Eastern time

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Many nonprofits are bolstering their fundraising by ensuring that everyone in the organization knows how to treat potential donors and get involved in work that leads to donations.

Read the transcript of an online discussion that will offer real-world examples and show you how to develop a culture of fundraising throughout your organization.

Dig deeper: Read a Chronicle article about how charities can enlist staff members to pitch in.

The Guests:

Laurence Pagnoni is a consultant to nonprofits and author of The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution. He has worked as a chief executive of Harlem United, a New York social-services charity that helps people with AIDS, and Freedom House, a group in Richmond, Va., that serves the homeless.

Kelly McLaughlin is a development associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human-rights group that is training staff members to understand how to support fundraising.

The Moderator:

Raymund Flandez covers fundraising for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The Chronicle’s live discussions do not require registration. Simply return to this page at noon Eastern time on the day of the scheduled discussion and click on the box below to participate. If you cannot participate during the live event, the full transcript will be available afterward in the box below.

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