• January 30, 2015

Making Smart Decisions About Overhead Costs

Tuesday, January 26, at 12 noon, U.S. Eastern time

Many nonprofit organizations skimp on their overhead costs because of pressure from donors to prove they are spending a high percentage of their money on programs. And the bad economy has prompted many to cut back even further.

But are charities undermining their effectiveness, or even their very existence, by catering to donor concerns about overhead?

Ann Goggins Gregory and Daniel Stid, a manager and a partner at the Bridgespan Group, say it is time for nonprofit groups to start educating their boards and their donors -- whether foundations or government agencies -- about what it costs to operate a strong, healthy organization.

Join us at noon Eastern time on Tuesday, January 26, for a live
discussion with Ms. Gregory and Mr. Stid, who will answer your questions about how to break what they call the nonprofit starvation cycle -- a process that leaves groups with too little money for critical functions like information technology, skills training, or fund- raising systems.

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