• January 28, 2015

Nonprofit Advocacy: How to Do It Well

The US Capitol

Richard White/Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Richard White/Chronicle of Philanthropy

As lawmakers consider deep cuts to the federal budget and changes to the tax code, many nonprofit leaders are worried about how their organizations may be harmed. State policy makers are also making key decisions that affect every kind of nonprofit.

What can nonprofits do to influence those decisions? What lessons do successful advocacy efforts offer nonprofits?

Read the transcript below for advice based on real-world advocacy that has made a difference.

The Guests:

Diana Aviv is chief executive at Independent Sector, a national organization that represents charities and grant makers. Independent Sector recently released the report Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Advocacy.

Steve Taylor is senior vice president and counsel for public policy at United Way Worldwide. Previously, he was a Congressional aide.

The Moderator
Doug Donovan is a senior reporter at The Chronicle of Philanthropy who specializes in covering how government actions affect nonprofits.

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