• January 30, 2015

Nonprofits and the ‘Fiscal Cliff’: What Lies Ahead?

Tuesday, December 11, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

The US Capitol

Richard White/Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Richard White/Chronicle of Philanthropy

Nonprofits are scrambling to persuade Congress to avoid making spending cuts and tax changes that would hurt donors and the people charities serve.

But how can your organization make its voice heard during the debate surrounding the fiscal cliff? 

Read the transcript below of a live online discussion that explains what might happen over the next few weeks and months and show you step by step how to influence budget debates on Capitol Hill and in state capitols across the country.

The Guests:

Tim Delaney, is chief executive of the National Council of Nonprofits.

Patrick Lester is director of federal fiscal policy for OMB Watch. Read Mr. Lester's analysis, Mitigating the Impact of a Temporary Sequester.  

Read an opinion piece Mr. Delaney wrote for The Chronicle about the fiscal cliff.

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