• January 31, 2015

Raising Money Without Sacrificing Program Goals

Tuesday, March 26, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

How to Focus Fundraising on Your Mission

Justin Edgington

Nell Edington

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Justin Edgington

Nell Edington

In the mad dash for donor dollars, nonprofits often take money for projects that distract them from their missions.

For instance, some donors pitch new programs but provide too little money to pay for a big enough staff to run it, so the charity ends up skimping on efforts that its clients really need. Other nonprofits might think holding a fancy gala will raise tons of money but don't consider how the time spent planning the event will affect the group's critical services.

Read the transcript of an online discussion about how to take a more strategic approach to fundraising. You'll learn how to focus your fundraising efforts on your organization's mission—and why saying no to some opportunities might actually help your nonprofit raise more money.

The Guests:

Nell Edgington is president of Social Velocity, a consulting company that provides advice on fundraising and strategic planning. She has more than 17 years of experience in nonprofit management.

Karina Mangu-Ward is director of activating innovation for EmcArts. She oversees ArtsFwd.org, a website that promotes innovation and change among arts leaders nationally, and has helped groups redefine their value to communities to engage with their audiences in new ways.

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