• January 30, 2015

Suzanne Perry

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Senior Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Expertise: Obama administration | Congress | National service and government volunteer programs | State governments

Background: Suzanne Perry, who joined The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2005, writes about the impact of government and politics on the charitable world. She covers issues such as the country's national service programs, charities that are receiving economic-stimulus money, White House efforts to promote nonprofit groups, state budget crises, and federal rules governing nonprofit lobbyists.

Perry helped create and contributes regularly to The Chronicle's online column "Government and Politics Watch." She also helped create "Regeneration," a Chronicle Web site with articles, first-person stories, and resources about the movement of baby boomers and other older Americans into the nonprofit world.

Her journalistic experience includes working as a reporter for Reuters news service in Brussels covering European Union regulatory policy (1990 to 1999) and working for several daily newspapers in Minnesota. She also worked at two nonprofit groups (2000 to 2005), serving as communications manager for the American Refugee Committee in Minneapolis and communications director for Minnesota Public Radio.

Perry has a bachelor's in journalism from the University of Minnesota and a master's in international affairs from George Washington University.

Online features

Government and Politics Watch:  Tracking the intersection of government and charity

Regeneration:  Great experience for the greater good


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