• January 29, 2015

The Outlook for Corporate Giving

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Stan Litow

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Stan Litow

The weak economic recovery has forced many companies to change how they support good causes.

Many are casting off charities that don’t match their business objectives and looking at what skills, products, and other services they can offer to help other nonprofits as cash has become tighter.

Given these conditions, how can nonprofits build more meaningful relationships with companies? How will those relationships change as the economy improves? And what factors drive companies' giving decisions?

Read the transcript below of a live online discussion about the outlook for corporate giving. The discussion coincided with the release of the annual Chronicle-USA Today survey of corporate giving.

The Guests:

Stanley S. Litow, president of IBM's foundation. He helped create the Corporate Service Corps, a corporate version of the Peace Corps that trains thousands of IBM's future leaders. Before joining the company, he served as deputy chancellor of schools for New York City, the nation's largest school system.

Kerry Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, in Boston. Ms. Sullivan is also responsible for Bank of America Community Volunteers, in which nearly 300,000 employees participate.

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