• January 25, 2015

The Psychology of Giving: Advice From a Donor Who Is a Psychologist

Wednesday, May 26, at noon U.S. Eastern time

How does giving enrich a donor's life? And what steps are most likely to help a donor gain happiness through his or her philanthropy?

Molly Stranahan is a psychologist and heiress to the Champion Spark Plug fortune who writes and lectures extensively on the importance of generosity and philanthropy to personal fulfillment.

Join us on Wednesday, May 26, at noon U.S. Eastern time when Molly Stranahan will take your questions about your own giving or the ways you can help donors to your organization get more joy from their philanthropy.

The Chronicle has teamed up with Bolder Giving, an organization that works to encourage philanthropists to give more generously, to develop a series of live online discussions with some of the nation's most interesting philanthropists.

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