• December 20, 2014

Turn Your Board Members Into Fundraisers

Tuesday, March 5, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

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Most nonprofit leaders want their boards to help raise money, but many trustees are reluctant or intimidated by the responsibility.

The board's help in bringing in funds is more important now than it used to be. Find out how executives can ease their trustees into fundraising and offer them a menu of ways they can help.

Read the transcript of a live online discussion about the challenge of turning your board members into a reliable source of contributions for your cause.   

The Guests:

Carol Weisman is an international consultant who specializes in nonprofit fundraising, governance, and volunteerism. She has served on 35 boards and has been president of seven. Read her recent post about this topic on her Chronicle blog Fundraising Wisdom.

Larry Levin is CEO/Publisher of The St. Louis Jewish Light. His nonprofit career includes board, executive and professional leadership roles within a variety of educational, arts, and environmental organizations.

The Chronicle’s live discussions do not require registration. Simply return to this page at noon Eastern time on the day of the scheduled discussion and click on the box below to participate. If you cannot participate during the live event, the full transcript will be available afterward in the box below.

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