A Month After Sandy, Charities Have Raised Over $244-Million

A month after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Northeast coast, charities have raised more than $244-million for relief and recovery efforts.

That figure is roughly equivalent to the amount raised a month after last year’s Japan earthquake and tsunami ($246.9-million). But it’s dwarfed by the $709-million raised a month after the Haiti earthquake of 2010 and the more than $1.4-billion raised by this point after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Among the organizations reporting fundraising totals this week:

• American Red Cross: $168-million

• Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City: $41-million

• Robin Hood: $15-million

• Salvation Army: $11-million

• United Way of New York City: $9.4-million

Emma Carew Grovum, Sarah Frostenson, and Anais Strickland contributed to this report.

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