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Update: Charities Raise More Than $174-Million for Sandy Victims

As of Friday, charities have reported raising more than $174-million for relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which devastated the New York and New Jersey region on October 30.

That’s more than the $136-million that U.S. charities had raised within 10 days of last year’s Japan tsunami and earthquake. But it’s dwarfed by the outpouring that followed the 2010 Haiti earthquake ($380-million 10 days after the event) and 2005′s Hurricane Katrina ($740-million nine days after t…


Update: Fundraising for Sandy Victims Totals More Than $116.2-Million

Here are the latest totals from charities that are raising money for Superstorm Sandy relief and recovery efforts. Combined with previously reported figures, more than $116.2-million has been raised.

  • American Red Cross: $103-million in donations and pledges
  • Salvation Army: $4.7-million, including $4.3-million in online donations and nearly $440,000 through its toll-free fundraising phone number
  • United Way of New York City: $3-million from corporate, foundation, and individual donors
  • United Way:…

Update: Total Raised for Superstorm Sandy Relief Now Tops $92.3-Million

In addition to the American Red Cross’s announcement that it has raised $85-million as of Sunday for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts, more charities updated their fundraising totals on Monday. The total raised by all charities reporting to The Chronicle is more than $92.3-million.

Fundraising totals for today:

  • Salvation Army: $3.4-million, of which more than $3-million has been donated online, $50,700 through its text-to-give program, and $351,000 through its toll-free fundraising phone number

Update: More Than $37.5-Million Raised as of Friday for Storm Relief

The American Red Cross has sent emergency-response vehicles to New Jersey neighborhoods to feed residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. (Les Stone/American Red Cross)

More donations continue to pour in to support Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

Charities have reported the following fundraising totals today:

  • American Red Cross: $35-million
  • Salvation Army: $1.7-million raised online; $24,200 from text-to-give appeals; $122,000 through the charity’s toll-free phone number, 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Humane So…