Angelina Jolie Tops List of Celebrity Humanitarians

The actress Angelina Jolie for a second year in a row topped AlertNet’s list of the most-respected celebrity humanitarians of 2008.

AlertNet, a Web site operated by the Reuters Foundation to cover international aid, polled its readers to identify the best high-profile do-gooder. Mia Farrow, the actress and Darfur activist, came in second. The least-respected celebrity was Madonna, who received condemnation for her contentious adoption of a boy from Malawi.

Ms. Jolie earned praise for visiting Afghanistan in October to assist refugees, a trip that took place only a few months after she gave birth to twins. Ms. Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, also donated $3-million through their foundation to benefit Ethiopian children and young victims of the Iraq war, writes Emma Batha, an AlertNet reporter.

Not all AlertNet readers adore Ms. Jolie, however. In comments that accompanied the survey, one anonymous writer complains, “She sends mixed messages. Her ‘humanitarian’ life and her real life don’t mix.”

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