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Guest Post: Nonprofits Can Learn From Groupon’s Super Bowl Fumble

The group-buying  Web site Groupon raised the hackles of many people in the nonprofit world with a pair of commercials that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

To put the ads in context, we offer the following guest post from Joe Waters, director of cause and event marketing at Boston Medical Center, who writes the blog Selfish Giving and is co-author of the forthcoming book Cause Marketing for Dummies.


By Joe Waters

Enough people have registered their opinion to confirm …


Is LeBron James’s Televised Announcement Philanthropy?

Charity has gotten tangled into a controversy over ESPN’s decision to give an hour of its programming schedule on Thursday to LeBron James, the NBA star who used the network’s airwaves to announce that he will jion the Miami Heat next season.

As part of the deal, ESPN agreed to donate the proceeds of all of the advertising sales for the show to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Many in the media world are decrying the event, saying that it hurts ESPN’s journalistic credibility.

Mitch Albom, who is …


Using Charity to Recruit LeBron James?

At midnight tonight, the basketball star LeBron James will become one of the most sought-after athletes in history.

Mr. James, already a global superstar for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to receive offers from NBA franchises in Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

And much of the sports world is waiting anxiously to see where he chooses to play next season.

In the event that Mr. James’s decision is motivated not just by money, fame, or the prospect of winning an NBA titl…


Facebook’s Founder: Nonprofit Groups Can’t Change the World

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social-networking site Facebook, has helped change the way people interact online. But can he change the world?

In a recent interview on the blog Inside Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg explains why he believes companies like Facebook are better equipped to tackle society’s problems than nonprofit groups.

“I think building a company is the best way to change the world, because it’s the best way to align the interests of a lot of smart people and a lot of partners to b…


Adding Volumes to the Ultimate Philanthropy Bookshelf

What book about social good is the first one you mention to new employees, colleagues, or donors?

We recently asked our readers and social-network followers that question as part of The Chronicle‘s effort to build what we’re calling the Ultimate Philanthropy bookshelf.

Later this summer, we’ll publish the results for everybody to see.

And, given the volume of nominations, selecting the final list will be a difficult process.

Give & Take readers have contributed to a discussion that has extended …


Help Us Build the Ultimate Philanthropy Bookshelf

If you were to give one book to an aspiring nonprofit leader, board member, or donor, what would it be?

Ever since it was founded in 1988, The Chronicle has been publishing summaries of notable new books about the nonprofit world.

The sheer number of those book announcements would surprise even the best-read nonprofit leader.

So we’re asking for your help in wading through the stacks to find the very best—and we’re going to rely on social networks to help us do it.

We’ve started discussions on


Should Nonprofit Leaders Have Ghostwriters?

Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kanye West, and 50 Cent have huge followings for their Twitter feeds and Facebook fan pages.

But followers shouldn’t expect that they’re hearing directly from these entertainers when they’re following their Tweets or reading their blogs because they’ve hired ghostwriters.

Many nonprofit leaders might be tempted to follow a similar course with their own Twitter feeds and blogs.

While a social-media presence is increasingly important for nonprofit groups that ar…


Classifying Charities That Use Volunteers, Plus More: Wednesday’s Roundup

  • Several bloggers are commending Charity Navigator’s president Ken Berger for signing on to a press release along with GiveWell, GreatNonprofits, GuideStar, and Philanthropedia that describes the limitations of assessing charities based on how …

A Stock Exchange for Charities, Plus More: Tuesday’s Roundup

  • On a Harvard Business blog, Dan Pallotta, author of Uncharitable, responds to criticisms of his ideas about how to improve the nonprofit world. Mr. Pallotta, a former fund raiser, says that charities ar…

Nonprofit Groups Give Thanks Despite Tough Times

The economy has forced many nonprofit groups to cut expenses, lay off employees, or dip into their reserves.

But it hasn’t stopped many from feeling thankful this week.

In fact, quite a few charities are using Thanksgiving as an occasion to offer thanks to their supporters, volunteers, and donors.

The Chronicle has started the hashtag #nonprofitthanks on Twitter to help draw attention to the Thanksgiving messages being shared this week by nonprofit groups.

We invite you to jump into the conversa…