Rounding Up Activists to Protest a Business’s Activities

Nedra Weinreich, a communications consultant to nonprofit organizations is using her blog, Spare Change to mobilize readers to pressure a fast-food company to stop promoting drug use in its television advertising.

Ms. Weinreich, a communications consultant to nonprofit groups, is taking a stance against Jack In The Box — a fast-food chain she says glamorized marijuana use during a recent TV ad campaign.

And she is using her blog to try to get company executives to meet with representatives from anti-drug groups such as Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana to discuss its advertising strategy.

As part of her pitch, Ms. Weinreich publishes the phone number of the chief executive of Jack In the Box and offers readers an online complaint form that they can send to the company.

“Perhaps some national pressure will make a difference,” she writes. “Please help me spread the word via -email and blogs to get Jack in the Box to take some responsibility for the effects of its advertising.”

You can see the ad in question here:

Have you seen online campaigns by nonprofit groups aimed at pressuring companies to alter their policies? If so, what made the effort succeed or fail? Click on the comment link just below this posting to share your thoughts.

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