Wikipedia’s Fund-Raising Success Questioned

Wikipedia, the nonprofit online encyclopedia, this month announced it had met its $6-million fund-raising goal six months ahead of schedule.

But not everyone is cheering.

While saying Wikipedia’s work is useful, “I do not think this is a more valuable service than say health care, heating or food for the poor,” writes Mike Burns, a nonprofit consultant, on his Nonprofit Board Crisis blog. “There are actually a whole lot of causes and concerns I think are more important that what Wikipedia has to offer the world. And yet, there are enough others who think differently.”

The authors of the book Philanthrocapitalism also give only “two cheers” that Wikipedia raised so much money. Their gripe, however, is more proprietary — they complain on their Values blog that Wikipedia defines the term philanthrocapitalism incorrectly.

What do you think? Should Wikipedia’s fund-raising success be celebrated or panned? Click on the comment link below to share your views.

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