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Putting Organizations Through the Smell Test

I’m sure we all have a favorite holiday smell. Often it’s from a favorite food with a rich aroma. But we’ve all had a time when we thought the smell signaled something wrong even before we’d sat down to eat.

After working with nonprofits for many years, I’ve realized that you can tell when something’s not right through a quick smell test.  I sniff the air for signs that things need to change the first time I enter the CEO’s office.

There are some variations on the smell test. Here are some I us…


Big Consultants Increasingly Turn to Nonprofit Clients

As nonprofits have grown in size, complexity, and number, many of the nation’s big management-consulting companies have stepped up their efforts to serve charities and foundations.

Most of the help these companies used to offer came in pro bono assistance. But now they are going beyond that to offer aid for a fee, sometimes through a nonprofit arm and often at a lower cost than they would charge businesses.

Among the companies that have started or expanded specialized nonprofit services in the p…