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Two Women’s Health Groups Criticize President’s Budget

Officials from two women’s health and family planning groups have released statements expressing concern and disappointment over President Obama’s 2010 budget, released yesterday.

Officials from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health– said in new releases that they were discouraged that the Obama administration did not seek to strike restrictions on government financing of abortions.

“We are disappointed that the budget did not re…


Hispanic Group Expresses Concern Over Budget Provisions

Officials at the National Council of La Raza said in a new release that they are concerned over the President’s 2010 budget that was announced yesterday.

“What we have seen so far with the budget is discouraging and suggests that some of the key priorities of the Latino community are not those of the administration,” said Janet Murguia, the group’s President. “I am very surprised that the Obama administration in its first budget would mirror similar cuts made by the Bush administration.”

Ms. M…


Charities Criticize Obama’s Proposed Cut to an Education and Technology Program

The Obama administration’s budget proposal to cut the Enhancing Education Through Technology program from $269-million down to $100-million has raised the ire of several nonprofit organizations.

The Consortium for School Networking, International Society for Technology Education, Software & Information Industry Association, and State Educational Technology Directors Association released a statement saying such cuts harm efforts to increase American competitiveness.

“During the past several mon…


Corporation for Public Broadcasting Would Get Small Increase Under Obama Plan

President Obama asked Congress to provide $502-million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Included in that total is a $440-million two-year advance appropriation for the 2012 fiscal year, a $10-million increase from the amount the organization will now receive for 2011 programs.

Public broadcasting gets money in advance because its programs take a long time to plan; the advance budget allocation process also is designed to ensure that public broadcasters retain editorial independence i…


Budget Requests 29% Increase for Corporation for National and Community Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service could get close to $1.15-billion under President Obama’s 2010 budget.

That is 29 percent more than is now being spent, and about $200-million more than President Obama had proposed earlier this year. The increase reflects a spending boost authorized by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act signed last month by President Obama.

The corporation is an umbrella agency that works with charities, religious groups, schools, civic groups, and other ty…


Obama Budget Seeks 10% Increase for Peace Corps

President Obama’s 2010 budget, released this morning, seeks slightly more than $373.4-million for the Peace Corps, a 10-percent increase from the $340-million the organization now receives.

An organization that represents people who have served in the Peace Corps called the proposed increase inadequate.

“President Obama’s Peace Corps funding request is a step in the right direction, but it is only a step,” said Kevin Quigley, president of the National Peace Corps Association, in a statement on t…


New Report Shows Nonprofit Groups Where to Apply for Federal Stimulus Money

A report released this week by Giving USA and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University gives nonprofit leaders crucial information on how nonprofit organizations can apply for money in the new federal economic-stimulus law.

The report provides nonprofit groups with directions on how to seek different types of stimulus money, both to finance programs now in operation and start new ones.

The Center and Giving USA are urging nonprofit groups to act fast since the deadlines for applying for …


Nonprofit Leaders and Experts Examine Lobbying and Advocacy

While supporting a particular cause may be central to most nonprofit organizations, a lack of resources is forcing lobbying and advocacy efforts to the sidelines at most nonprofit groups, according to the findings of a meeting held by the Nonprofit Listening Post Project.

The project is dedicated to examining how nonprofit organizations are responding to pressures and challenges unique to this era, and is part of the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for …


Foundation Center Shows Grants by Congressional District

The Foundation Center, in New York, has developed new tools to help identify how foundation and corporate support is distributed throughout U.S. Congressional districts, the organization announced this week.

The tools are available for anyone who is a subscriber to the center’s Foundation Directory Online, and gives users the chance to search for nonprofit groups, corporations, and grants by congressional district.