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Community Block Grants Cuts: More Details Emerge

The Obama administration’s budget director says carrying out a proposed five-year freeze on much domestic spending will mean cutting many programs close to the president’s heart, including those that reflect his past a community organizer, The New York Times reports.

Among the “tough calls” cited by the White House budget chief, Jacob J. Lew, is a 50-percent reduction in community service block grants to grass-roots organizations in poor communities, which would save $350-million.

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Kennedy’s Contributions Cited by Nonprofit Experts

People throughout the nonprofit world are paying tribute to Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died Wednesday. Among them:

  • Steven Waldman, editor of the religious Web site Beliefnet, highlights Senator Kennedy’s role in getting a bill passed to create AmeriCorps in 1993. Mr. Waldman wrote a book about that fight, The Bill. “I got to watch up close Kennedy’s extraordinary skill as a legislator,” he writes on The Huffington Post. “Far from being an ideologue, Kennedy was invariably the guy going for the de…

Education and the Budget: A Think Tank Offers Questions to Consider

What are the key questions for policy makers and others to consider as they review President Obama’s proposal on federal spending for education programs?

The New America Foundation, a Washington think tank, spent the day combing through the proposal and developed dozens of questions to consider.

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Hospital Fund Raisers Win Victory in Stimulus Measure

Hospital fund raisers won a major victory when Congress passed a measure Friday to provide $787-billion to stimulate the economy.

The compromise version of the measure knocked out a provision passed by the House of Representatives that would have restricted fund raisers from gaining access to the names and addresses of patients. Fund raisers often use that information to identify and solicit potential donors.

The House passed the restriction out of concern about patients’ privacy. While the fina…


Antipoverty Groups See Opportunity in Economic-Stimulus Plan

Now that House Democrats have released their economic-stimulus package, antipoverty charities say the proposal is an unprecedented opportunity to help the needy.

The package includes billions of dollars in spending on Medicaid and other federal programs that will help nonprofit groups in cash-strapped states, reports The Chronicle.

Calling it “the mother of all stimuli,” the Bread for the World Institute, an antipoverty group in Washington, says that the package is “positively breathtaking. The…


IRS Announces Hearing on Record-Keeping Rules for Charities

The Internal Revenue Service announced today that it will hold a public hearing on January 23 on proposed rules to make sure donors keep proper records to prove they made gifts of cash and property to charities.

The IRS published the proposed regulations last summer to explain how the government plans to enforce recent laws that included provisions designed to cut down on abuses by donors and charities.

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Seeking Advice for President Obama, a Web site that connects donors with causes, is taking President-elect Barack Obama up on his offer to hear from “all Americans.” The site is asking readers to submit their ideas for how Mr. Obama should change America, and many of the proposals have a nonprofit bent.

Readers interested in humanitarian relief proposed the creation of a Cabinet-level department of development, ending the differentiation between emergency and longer-term development assistance, leading an “economic su…


IRS Raises Questions About Charity Status of Mozilla Foundation

Technology experts are drawing attention to the fact that the Internal Revenue Service is raising questions about the Mozilla Foundation’s tax exempt status.

Revenues for the organization, which is behind the Web browser Firefox, were $75-million in 2007. Search-related royalties from Google accounted for 88 percent of that income, says Erick Schonfeld on Tech Crunch.

The Mozilla Foundation argues that search-related fees should be treated as royalties, and thus not count as business income un…