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Lobbying Tactics on Postal Issue Splits Nonprofits

The executive director of an association that successfully persuaded a powerful Congressman to commit to preserving discount postage rates for nonprofits lashed out Friday against Independent Sector for formally asking the representative to maintain that position.

Independent Sector and eight of the 600 nonprofits it represents sent a letter on Tuesday to Rep. Darrell Issa requesting his support for the discount rate when he reintroduces legislation for a massive overhaul of the United States Po…


Nonprofits Urge Congress to Preserve Discount Postal Rates

Independent Sector and eight other groups asked a powerful Congressional committee Tuesday to preserve discount postage rates for nonprofits as it drafts legislation to change how the U.S. Postal Service works.

The Postal Reform Act of 2011 had proposed eliminating the nonprofit discount, which cost the postal service about $1.3-billion in 2011.  The provision was removed last year during Congressional negotiations, but the comprehensive postal bill died. It is expected to be considered again t…


Council on Foundations Plans to Step Up Advocacy

In an e-mail last night to her group’s membership, Vikki Spruill, the new leader of the Council on Foundations, announced a campaign to convey the value of philanthropy to lawmakers.

She painted a picture of philanthropy under threat from politicians who are looking for new ways to increase revenue.

“Both President Obama and Governor Romney have put forth plans that will affect giving, and Congress is eyeing all tax deductions as potential revenue raisers,” she wrote. “This would be a grave mist…


Does Charity Advocacy Pay Off?

A study released today from a foundation watchdog group says that advocacy efforts by charities can pay off, to the tune of billions of dollars to communities.

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy study examined 110 charities in 13 states and found that work such as pushing for more aid to schools and housing for the poor resulted in $26.6-billion in benefits to communities over five years. Money for the campaigns came from foundations and other donors.

The study comes as the watch…


Charitable Deduction Not Discussed at Deficit Talks

Republican members of the congressional deficit committee are discussing plans that would limit some tax breaks to help close the federal deficit, The New York Times reports. But a top Congressional aide says lawmakers have not been talking about placing any limits on charitable deductions.

The committee is working to trim more than $1.2-trillion from the federal deficit over 10 years.

Republicans have said previously that they are against raising taxes of any kind, including placing new limits …


Video: Arts Leaders Take to Capitol Hill to Talk About Tax Breaks

Arts leaders traveled to Capitol Hill this fall to speak out against possible changes to the tax code that would affect charitable giving.

The lobbying effort, which was organized by the Alliance for Charitable Reform, a project by the organization Philanthropy Roundtable, focused largely on a White House plan to place new limits on the tax breaks wealthy donors receive for charitable gifts.

President Obama had proposed limiting to 28 percent the write-offs that wealthy people can get for their…


Price Tag for Charity Tax Break Loss: at Least $2.9-Billion

President Obama’s plan to limit the value of charitable deductions for wealthy people would cost nonprofits at least $2.9-billion and perhaps as much as $5.6-billion, according to a study to be unveiled Friday.

Economists examined how people would be affected by Mr. Obama’s plan to limit to 28 percent the amount affluent people could write off in all itemized deductions. People in the highest income bracket now can write off 35 percent of their deductions, including those for gifts to charity.



State Regulators Grapple With Best Ways to Police Social-Media Appeals

As nonprofits increasingly turn to social-media and mobile tools to raise money, charity regulators are trying to figure out the smartest ways to protect donors from fraud.

The annual gathering of state regulators who monitor charities, held in Silver Spring, Md., this week, was dominated by concerns that the explosion of social networks has created an online fund-raising culture that is akin to the wild west.

The challenge, regulators say, is that the law and the courts haven’t kept up with all…


White House and GOP Trade Charges on Charity Write-Offs

The White House says its proposal to limit the write-offs that wealthy people could claim for their charitable deductions would ultimately help nonprofits, even as opponents say the proposal would essentially amount to a “tax on soup kitchens.”

President Obama made the proposal as part of his job-creation plan, saying he would pay for the legislation by reducing the value of all itemized deductions, including housing and charitable gifts.

But the White House has faced strong criticism from nonpr…


Nonprofits Fight Proposal to Curb Charity Tax Breaks

Nonprofits are gearing up to fight President Obama’s plan to pay for his jobs bill in part by limiting charitable deductions. Mr. Obama wants to limit the amount all wealthy people can write off for charitable gifts as well as housing, medical expenses, and other items.

Nonprofit leaders say that a curb on deductions will stifle giving and that charity write-offs make up only a small percentage of  the money the federal treasury loses in deductions by the wealthy.

In 2009, 46.4 million taxpayers…