Second Social Innovation Fund Director Resigns

After less than two months as director of the Social Innovation Fund, Idara Nickelson is leaving the job to work for an international nonprofit, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced Wednesday.

Ms. Nickelson took over as the fund’s director when Paul Carttar left the post in late September after a two-and-a-half-year tenure. She was also working as the corporation’s chief investment officer. Ms. Nickelson joined the corporation in 2008 and also served as director of budg…


Charitable-Deduction Limit Would Hurt Poor, Say Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofits need to alter their approach to protecting the charitable deduction, said nonprofit leaders from across the country gathered in San Francisco over the holiday weekend. Instead of talking about the effects on wealthy donors, they said they must demonstrate they are seeking to protect their services to the poor.

As the lame-duck Congress prepares to convene Tuesday, charity and foundation officials at Independent Sector’s annual meeting discussed the charitable deduction as well as the …


5 Candidates Endorsed for Nonprofit-Friendly Agendas Win Election

While many people were glued to their television sets this week waiting to learn who the country’s next president would be, Robert Egger and Douglas Knight were closely monitoring the results of some less-publicized races.

The two nonprofit leaders run CForward, an organization that Mr. Egger founded last year to promote candidates who have strong agendas for strengthening nonprofits in their communities. The group endorsed eight candidates, all but one for a state or local office, and five of t…


Most Key Lawmakers for Nonprofits Win Re-Election

Several Congressional candidates with key positions on committees that influence nonprofit policy won re-election Tuesday. They include:

• Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees tax-exempt organizations.

• Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which also oversees tax-exempt organization.

• Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, senior Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee’s oversight subcommittee, t…


Nonprofit Leaders Urge Obama and Romney to Protect Tax Break

Leaders of big nationwide nonprofits sent letters to President Obama and Mitt Romney on Thursday urging the presidential candidates to reconsider their proposals to cut the charitable tax deduction. (See the letter to Mr. Obama and the one to Mr. Romney.)

The leaders also announced that they have scheduled a gathering on December 4 and 5 to bring hundreds of its members to Washington to tell members of Congress that any tax changes that led to decline in private giving would devastate nonprofits…


Council on Foundations Plans to Step Up Advocacy

In an e-mail last night to her group’s membership, Vikki Spruill, the new leader of the Council on Foundations, announced a campaign to convey the value of philanthropy to lawmakers.

She painted a picture of philanthropy under threat from politicians who are looking for new ways to increase revenue.

“Both President Obama and Governor Romney have put forth plans that will affect giving, and Congress is eyeing all tax deductions as potential revenue raisers,” she wrote. “This would be a grave mist…


Senators Quiz Fundraising Firm About Work for Veterans Group

The Senate Finance Committee has asked Quadriga Art, a direct-marketing firm, to provide financial records about its ties to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation, a charity the committee is investigating because it has spent little money on services that directly help veterans.

Most of the money the veterans’ group has raised from an extensive direct-mail operation has gone to pay bills at Quadriga and its subsidiary Brickmill Marketing Services. It owes  about $17-million to the two compa…


Romney Limits His Charitable Deduction to Increase Tax Bill

Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, contributed $4-million to charity last year but claimed a tax deduction for only $2.25-million, according to their 2011 tax return and other financial information released today.

They limited their deduction because their income was less than the amount they reported last January on an estimated tax return, and their donations “would have significantly reduced their tax obligation for the year,” according to a letter from Brad Malt, a family trustee.

Mr. Romney wan…


White House Philanthropy Event Was a Closed-Door Affair

People who promote innovative approaches to social problems usually stress the importance of sharing knowledge so that everyone can learn about the most effective strategies.

But organizers of Thursday’s closed-door White House Forum on Philanthropy Innovation must not have gotten the memo.

The event—hosted by the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation and attended by philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and others—was not announced publicly and …


White House Hosts Innovation Forum for Philanthropists

More than 150 leaders in philanthropy and finance gathered at the White House on Thursday for a private meeting on “innovation in philanthropy” that featured Jean Case, chief executive of the Case Foundation, as a keynote speaker.

Ms. Case appeared with U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios to discuss “impact investing” and strategies for getting more donors to channel their money into for-profit businesses that are advancing social missions. Ms. Case said more people would participate in impact investi…