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IRS Plans Monthly Updates of Tax-Exempt Roster

The Internal Revenue Service—which last week announced that 275,000 nonprofits had lost their tax-exempt status after failing to file legally required documents for three consecutive years—isn’t done trimming its list of officially registered nonprofits.

Moving forward, the tax agency plans every month to release the names of groups that fail to file their paperwork. Organizations that do not file for three years will be placed on the list, which will be separate from IRS announcements about non…


Senator Prods Medical Nonprofits to Disclose More About Industry Contributions

Sen. Charles E. Grassley has renewed his effort to get nonprofit medical groups to provide more information to the public about the money they get from pharmaceutical, medical-device, and insurance companies.

Mr. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, sent letters about the matter to all but one of the 34 organizations that he had contacted in late 2009 and early 2010, including disease advocacy groups like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association and medical-professional groups…


Nonprofits Call for Changes to ‘Arcane’ Lobbying Rules

Independent Sector, the coalition of charities and foundations, says it is time to explore ways to change the federal rules that restrict nonprofit lobbying.

Nonprofit and legal experts, who discussed the issue at a closed-door meeting last week, criticized existing lobbying rules as “arcane” and “vague to the point of being dysfunctional,” says Diana Aviv, Independent Sector’s president.

They argued that the restrictions discourage charities from exercising their legal right to speak out about …


Most Community-Action Money Spared in Budget Deal

The program that President Obama singled out in his State of the Union address for a deep spending cut—Community Services Block Grants—fared relatively well in the 2011 budget deal that was hatched by lawmakers last week.

The program, which provides money to a network of community-action agencies across the country, would get $680-million for the fiscal year that ends September 30, according to details of the bill provided by the Senate Appropriations Committee. While that is $20-million less th…


Lawmakers Step Up Efforts to Pull NPR Money

Congressional Republicans are stepping up efforts to stop the flow of federal money to NPR following the release of an embarrassing undercover video that prompted the public broadcaster’s chief executive to resign on Wednesday.

Three Republican senators—Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and Richard Shelby of Alabama—today urged the Senate to end the grants that NPR gets from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Unlike some of their colleagues, they singled out NPR a…


Liberal Deficit-Cutting Plan Proposes New Charitable Tax Credit

Three liberal groups have offered a new proposal on how to cut the federal deficit, proposing yet another way to change the charitable deduction.

The proposal—by the Century Foundation, Demos, and the Economic Policy Institute—suggests converting the federal income-tax deduction for charitable donations to a 25-percent tax credit. The credit would be available to all federal taxpayers, including those who don’t itemize or owe any income taxes.

“This would result in a net increase in the tax ince…