Monthly Archives: June 2012


‘Random Hacks of Kindness’ Uses Technology to Solve Problems

Programmers in San Francisco and Berlin got together recently to attempt to build a system that would allow immigrants to tell their families they’ve arrived safely at their destination without anyone else finding out.

In Nairobi, a similar group worked on a system to report election results in real time,  including incidents of election violence and accusations of voter fraud.

In Toronto, others worked on a system that could allow Nepali women to send ultrasound pictures via mobile devices.



Competitions Seek Examples of Nonprofit Innovation

Several competitions that focus on innovation in nonprofit financing and programs are accepting applications:

• The Alliance for Global Good wants to encourage innovation in nonprofit financing to help top-performing organizations diversify their sources of revenue to become more sustainable and self-reliant.

The alliance is currently accepting grant applications for its Innovation Fund from charities that seek to fight poverty or focus on health, education, the environment, and global affairs. …