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Navigating Tough Trade-Offs in the Era of Scarcity

tugofwarDemand for social services is outpacing the ability of our traditional financing sources to keep up. So how should we balance the need to pay for services now versus the need to invest in adaptation for sustainability?

This question has no easy answers. Well-meaning and thoughtful people will disagree, weighing philosophical, analytical, and emotional arguments differently. But the premise is well documented: We are entering a new “Era of Scarcity,” as aptly coined by Mario Morino in the sub…


Baseball’s Lessons on Promoting Social Change

In an annual ritual marking the change of seasons, pitchers and catchers just reported to Florida for spring training.  Professional baseball sends a powerful lesson to those of us who work to solve social problems: Despite nearly 150 years of entrenched traditions, the sport has shown itself to be open to change.  And that change is transforming how the game is played.

How does baseball point a path forward for those of us struggling to support a just and vibrant society in our troubled times?