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Why Community Health Centers Matter

Imagine if critical documents you needed every day just to do your job were stored in another building, one you had to walk to and from, no matter the weather. Imagine hallways so narrow that you had to turn sideways to slide past your co-workers on your way to a meeting.  And imagine that that meeting—with a client or a colleague—took place in a room smaller than a closet in many American homes. If you work in or have visited a community health center, you may not have to imagine it. And y…


How Grant Makers Can Help Nonprofits Deal With Cash Crunches

As elected officials focus on ways to close the deficit, they are making decisions that are likely to make the cash crunch for nonprofits even tighter than they already are.

That’s why many grant makers are looking for new ways to lend organizations money or arrange for new pools of funds that charities can borrow from.  If these efforts are successful, they will shift the landscape for nonprofit capital and create new opportunities.

Nonprofits use debt for many purposes: to purchase equipment, …


How Nonprofits Build Successful Businesses

A growing number of nonprofits are starting businesses with the goal of solving social problems or producing revenue for charitable programs—or both.

While every entity is different, certain characteristics distinguish those that achieve their goals from those that either limp along or outright fail. Successful enterprises I’ve seen typically incorporate the following principles into their planning, while those that ignore or play down these essential ingredients do so at their peril.

Hiring exp…


Setting Prices for Nonprofit Services

When nonprofit groups set prices for their services, they are often encouraged to follow models set by businesses. But is this the best approach for all organizations?

Recent news articles on nonprofits and pricing—and conversations we have here at Nonprofit Finance Fund about our pricing structure—have brought home the point that pricing in the nonprofit world is actually much more nuanced than in the business world.

In a June Stanford Social Innovation Review blog, Rafi Mohammed, a consultant …