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Nonprofits and Those Who Support Them Should Talk Openly About Finances


About 6,000 nonprofits responded to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s survey asking how comfortable they are discussing their financial health.

When nonprofit leaders and funders get together to discuss grant opportunities, they discuss the programs and services that support the grantee organization’s mission, but they seldom talk about financial health.

In Nonprofit Finance Fund’s annual State of the Sector Survey, we asked nonprofit leaders which aspects of finance they are comfortable discussing w…


What It Takes to Succeed in a Nonprofit Collaboration

Collaborations and mergers among nonprofits certainly aren’t new, but much of what nonprofit leaders know about them comes from our for-profit counterparts.

Nonprofit collaborations are no better and no worse than those done by for-profits. They’re simply different. As I wrote in a previous post, for-profit collaborations and mergers are driven by financial motivations including cost savings, but charities are unlikely to reap any savings for years, if at all. For nonprofits, the primary driver …


Collaborating in Good and Bad Times for the Right Reasons

Though it may not always feel like it, the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009–three years ago. Nonprofits have been hit hard with increased demand for services and a shifting funding landscape in the years since the economic crisis began, and predictably there has been much talk of a resulting spike in collaborations and mergers. But the notion that collaborations are somehow linked with recessions leads to the false assumption that nonprofits should collaborate because of financial…