Chinese Tycoons Criticized at Home for Harvard Donation

Real estate billionaires Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin are drawing fire on Chinese social media for giving $15-million to Harvard University as part of a $100-million fund to support scholarships for disadvantaged Chinese students at elite schools worldwide, Agence France-Presse and Forbes report.

Critics took to Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, to blast the husband-and-wife founders of property firm SOHO China for not focusing their education giving on students in their home country. Ao…

Canada’s Tax Office: ‘Preventing’ Poverty Not Charity Work

In another sign of tension between Canada’s government and its nonprofit sector, the country’s tax agency held up a noted aid group’s application to renew its charity status because its stated mission included preventing as well as relieving poverty, according to the Canadian Press.

The Canada Revenue Agency told Oxfam Canada that “preventing poverty” is not an acceptable charitable purpose because it “could mean providing for a class of beneficiaries that are not poor.” The charity dropped the …

Paul Ryan Introduces New Anti-Poverty Plan

Rep. Paul D. Ryan introduced a new anti-poverty plan that would merge dozens of existing programs into an “Opportunity Grant,” shifting the bulk of the work to combat poverty to the states, The New York Times reports.

Under the former vice presidential candidate’s proposal, states would receive funding structured similarly to block grants and have the flexibility to spend on anti-poverty programs of their choice. Total federal outlays—currently about $800-billion for programs like food stamps …

Senate Contender Puts Down Opponent’s Nonprofit Background

A Georgia Republican Senate candidate took a swipe at his opponent’s credentials as a longtime nonprofit professional, the Huffington Post reports.

David Perdue won the Republican primary earlier this week and now faces Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn in the general election in November. Ms. Nunn is the former head of Points of Light, an organization founded under former President George H.W. Bush that coordinates and connects volunteers and causes.

“Now you’ve got two outsiders talking about…

NYC Taps Cultural Institutions to Promote New ID Cards

The New York City Mayor’s Office is turning to major cultural institutions to help create incentives around a new municipal identification card, The New York Times reports.

Mayor Bill De Blasio’s cultural affairs commissioner reached out to arts executives about offering benefits such as memberships or discounted tickets to card holders. All of the contacted parties are members of the Cultural Institutions Group, which includes the Met Museum, Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Museum, and others.


Gehry Architecture Firm to Design L.A. Social-Service Facility

Gehry Partners, the namesake firm of legendary architect Frank Gehry, has been hired to design facilities for a nonprofit social-service provider in South Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Children’s Institute, Inc., which offers youth and education programs and family support and clinical services, will make a new home on a 2-acre lot in Watts, an area better known for grim-looking public housing projects than landmark architecture. It has budgeted about $22-million for construction.

Arts Center in the South of France Faces Money Crunch

The Maeght Foundation, a popular art museum that attracts 200,000 visitors each year to its campus outside the French city of Nice, is facing a financial and management crisis, according to The Economist.

Founded 50 years ago this month by art dealer Aimé Maeght, the foundation has struggled in recent years to raised the $4-million needed annually to keep operations humming. Moreover, its 12-person board, chaired by the founder’s son, Adrien Maeght, is fighting over how to move forward.

Olivier …

House GOP: Data from Lerner Hard Drive May Be Recoverable

Congressional Republicans say the faulty hard drive that the Internal Revenue Service has blamed for the loss of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails was less damaged than believed and that backup tapes with the data may still be available, The Washington Post writes.

Lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee said Tuesday that they had learned the drive from Ms. Lerner’s work computer, which crashed in 2011, was only “scratched” and that internal IRS documents had described its contents as…

Opinion: Beware of Philanthropists Out to ‘Save’ Democracy

A chorus of calls by foundation leaders for philanthropy to engage in healing a supposed breakdown in American democracy masks a primarily liberal advocacy agenda, a nonprofit executive writes in a Wall Street Journal column.

James Piereson, president of the William E. Simon Foundation, cites recent articles by foundation officials in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and other outlets with titles such as “How Philanthropy Can Help Fix Democracy” that attribute public distrust of politics to partisa…

Schools Agenda Links Walton Family and Orthodox Jewish Group

The Christian owners of retail giant Walmart have become the largest financial backers of Agudath Israel of America, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish network that shares the Walton family’s support for public funding of religious schools, according to The Jewish Daily Forward.

The Arkansas-based Walton Family Foundation has given or pledged $3.1-million to Agudath Israel since 2008, making it the Jewish organization’s biggest single donor. Agudah, as the charity is commonly known, has expanded its lobby…