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Contest Seeks Ideas From Charities for Creating Jobs

A new competition unveiled by the Huffington Post, Skoll Foundation, and Crowdrise seeks to reward nonprofits with ideas for how to put Americans back to work.

The “JobRaising” challenge is open to all types of nonprofits–not just job-training groups–so long as they have a plan for fighting America’s high unemployment, organizers said. Nonprofits that make it through an initial stage of vetting will have a chance to compete for donations from the public. Groups that raise the most cash will also…


Conservatives and Liberals Respond Differently to Fundraising Pitches, Study Finds

Most donors probably think their political beliefs don’t influence how they respond to pleas of support from children’s charities, housing groups, or theater companies. But a new study suggests they do—and fundraisers would be wise to take note.

University researchers presented study participants with a description of Rebuilding Together, a charity that repairs homes for low-income people. But they subtly changed the description to suggest that the organization was either supporting American tra…


To Focus Attention on Poverty, Nonprofit Workers Live on $1.50 a Day

Rice, beans, and pasta. That’s what Suzanne Pelletier’s family ate Monday, Tuesday, and today—and what they’ll eat tomorrow.

Ms. Pelletier, executive director of the Rainforest Foundation, is participating in “Live Below the Line,” a five-day campaign to call attention to global poverty and raise money for groups fighting it. Participants, including employees of more than a dozen nonprofits, pledge to spend just $1.50 a day, the amount that the world’s poorest people—about 1.4 billion—surviv…


Charities Say Women Are Often Their Best Donors

A study released today showing that women give more often and more generously than men jibes with the experience of many nonprofits, fund raisers say.

World Vision, the international group with headquarters in Federal Way, Wash., says that among the 885,000 Americans who sponsor a child through the charity, three out of four are female.

While the charity says it actively seeks out men and women, as well as young people and others, women do seem particularly interested in helping tackle critical …


A Third of Donors Plan to Give Less This Quarter, Survey Finds

Just over a third of American donors expect to give less during the final quarter of this year, according to a new survey.

The poll of 603 people who intend to give at least $200 this year found that 55 percent said they would give the same amount as in past years, while only 8 percent of respondents said they plan to give more.

Those who can’t afford to give as much still plan to help charities in some way. Of the 36 percent of people who are planning to give less, 88 percent said they are stil…


Nonprofits Work With Daily Coupon Web Sites to Raise Money

Web sites like, which offer online coupons to local businesses if enough people sign up for them, aren’t just a good deal for consumers. Some charities are benefiting, too.

A new group-purchasing Web site called CauseOn, unveiled today, is committing 20 percent of its revenues to local nonprofit groups. Users will have some say in where the money goes. And Groupon, the father of such online-coupon companies, has tried a handful of ways to bring nonprofits to the attention of the appr…


Bidding on Warren Buffett’s Charity Lunch Breaks Record

Investor Warren Buffett’s annual charity lunch sold for $2.62-million on Friday — the largest amount in the 11 years Mr. Buffett has been dining out to benefit the Glide Foundation.

Exuberance reigned at Glide’s office during the final minutes of bidding on Friday. “There were people rejoicing, people standing together shouting, people opening up,” the Rev. Cecil Williams, founder of the Glide Foundation, said in a statement.

Glide is a social-service group in San Francisco. Its annual budget is…


Bidding on Warren Buffett’s Charity Lunch Is $1.5-Million — And Counting

The price tag for lunch with the investor Warren Buffett? $1.5-million, and counting.

Each year, Mr. Buffett auctions a lunch on eBay and donates the winning bid to the Glide Foundation, a social-service group in San Francisco.

Bidding doesn’t close until 10:30 Eastern time tonight, Friday. But it seems likely that this year’s winning bid could top last year’s — $1.68-million — given the flurry of bidding that typically takes place at the last minute, said Tod Thorpe, associate director of devel…


Parents Play Biggest Role in Encouraging Teenagers to Give, Study Finds

Teenagers report that their parents are the biggest influence on whether they give to nonprofit groups — but many parents are not raising their children in a way that seems to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism, according to a study released today.

The study was based on a poll of 500 parents and 500 young people between the ages of 13 and 18. Conducted by Harris Interactive in behalf of the Pearson Foundation and Penguin Group, the study distinguished between teenagers who regularly volunt…


International Charity Gets Surprise Gift From Women’s Prison Group

A few weeks ago, Cary Kimble stumbled upon an unusual envelope while opening mail at the international-medical charity where he works as director of development.

The envelope contained no letter — just a check for $15,000 made out to the Haiti relief efforts of Mr. Kimble’s charity, Project Hope.

After a little research, staff members at Project Hope, in Millwood, Va., learned that the donation had been given by a group of women at an Ohio prison, known as the “Life group,” who are serving terms…