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Facebook Tests New Tool for Online Giving

Facebook users can now do more than simply click “like” to support charities on the popular social-networking site.

As part of its new Facebook Gifts feature, Facebook users can donate directly to an organization or let their “friends make the choice” about which organization they should support.

To start, the social network is accepting donations for 11 organizations: the American Red Cross, Blue Star Families, Boys & Girls Clubs of America,, Girls Inc., Kiva, Livestrong, Oxfam…


Are Online Philanthropy Contests Worth the Effort?

After this year’s Chase Community Giving contest closed after a troubled start, some nonprofit leaders debated the costs and benefits of participating in these type of vote-driven corporate philanthropy contests in The Chronicle’s LinkedIn group.

Some nonprofit leaders say they have had success with the contests, while others are skeptical of whether the campaigns benefit nonprofits or the corporate donor.

Here are some highlights from the debate:

“My nonprofit won a $25,000 grant via the spring…


Y of N.Y. Uses Social Media to Collect Stories—and Donors

A story from the YMCA of Greater New York’s timeline project

To celebrate its 160th anniversary, the YMCA of Greater New York is offering free T-shirts to people willing to share their stories of how the Y has made a difference in their lives.

Within 48 hours of issuing the appeal by e-mail and social media, the organization received nearly 300 stories recounting childhood swimming lessons, triathlon training, exercise programs started after injuries, and long-ago summer camps.

The YMCA has or…


After Legal Threat, Cartoonist Raises $140,000 Online for Charity

When the cartoonist Matthew Inman was threatened with a lawsuit for accusing a humor site of stealing his work, he decided that he’d use the threat as a way to raise money for good causes.

He posted a copy of the lawyer’s letter on his Web site and asked his fans to donate more than $20,000 to charity.

He chose the $20,000 figure because the lawyer said in the letter that he would not file the lawsuit if Mr. Inman paid the humor site $20,000.

It took him a little more than an hour to raise that …


A Facebook Promotion Connects a Charity With a Loyal Donor

David Levis and Dixon, one of his sponsored children, in Uganda.

David Levis poses with Dixon, a Ugandan youngster he and his wife supported through ChildFund International. They hold the first photo Mr. Levis received of Dixon. (ChildFund/Jake Lyell)

It was a television commercial that first inspired David Levis and his wife, Stacie, to donate money to ChildFund International in 1999 and become “sponsors” of a needy child–and it was a Facebook post that helped send Mr. Levis to Uganda to meet five of their sponsored children this April.

Mr. Levis, whose fami…


Online Fundraising Increased 19% in 2011, Says New Report

The total that charities raised online jumped 19 percent in 2011 compared with the previous year, and the number of Internet gifts they received climbed 20 percent, according to a new study that analyzes online fundraising and advocacy at 44 national charities.

The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study was published by M+R Strategic Services, a fundraising consulting company, and the Nonprofit Technology Network.

The share of people who responded to e-mail fundraising appeals and advocacy requests dr…


The Dangers of an Inactive E-Mail List

Inactive e-mail lists have always posed a challenge to fundraisers, but as spam filters get more sophisticated, the stakes are getting higher, Dan Atherton, a consultant at Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey, told participants in San Francisco at the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

He said e-mail providers like Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo monitor how people interact with an organization’s e-mail communication, and if not enough supporters open the messages, the providers will stop delivering the mes…


A New York Food Bank Sees Success With a Virtual Food Drive

Food drives are a popular activity for companies and community groups that take part in service projects. But they are often costly and inefficient for food banks, which often have to provide materials, plan pick-ups, and process the donations.

The Food Bank for New York City has found a way around that problem by moving its food drives online, allowing donors to shop in virtual grocery aisles, give cash donations, and even start their own food drives.

“Holding a virtual food drive doesn’t add a…


Charting a Decade of Online Donations

Only 4 percent of donors had given online in 2001. This year, about 65 percent have given to charity through the Internet.

That’s one of the comparisons made in a new graphic from Network for Good, a fund-raising and volunteerism Web site that celebrates its 10th anniversary this month.

In 2001, the average donation through the site was $226. But this year the average gift is $73, a change that Network for Good interprets as a sign that online giving has “gone mainstream.”

Here’s the full graphi…


Wal-Mart’s ‘12 Days of Giving’ Relies on Facebook

The Wal-Mart Foundation plans to give $19-million to nonprofits during the holidays–and it’s hoping Facebook users can help decide how to give a portion of that money.

The retailer is taking nominations on Facebook until November 30 for organizations that provide people with basic needs like food or shelter. The 200-word submissions, with required photos, will then be reviewed and selected by the foundation. At least 12 winners will be announced daily from December 12 to 23. Those groups will ea…