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Survey Aims to Measure Effectiveness of Nonprofit Online Videos

YouTube and two marketing companies are collecting data about how people interact with nonprofit videos online.

YouTube is working with See3 Communications, a company that advises charities on creating videos and other materials, and the Edelman public-relations firm to conduct a survey to measure the success rates of videos in North America. The results of that survey will be combined with data from YouTube’s nonprofit program to create a report expected for publication this May, according to S…


YouTube Adds Tool to Hide Identities in Sensitive Videos

YouTube has released a new feature to help nonprofits and activists protect the identities of people who appear in their videos with the push of a button.

The new tool allows people posting a video to blur all of the faces appearing in their work, making it much more difficult to identify people.

In a blog post Wednesday, YouTube cautioned that the technology is still new and may have trouble detecting the faces that are supposed to be blurred, particularly if they are partially covered or at ce…


YouTube Gives Video Makers New Ways to Support Causes

Charities will soon have a new way for their supporters to use videos to help raise awareness and money on their behalf.

YouTube said Wednesday it is allowing video makers to link directly from videos to pages on the fundraising and petition sites,, and

In addition to those four sites, YouTube in April began allowing links to the sites and, which use crowd-sourcing techniques to seek donations.

Jessica Mason, a Y…


A Nonprofit Uses Humor to Change the West’s View of Africa

Nyla Rodgers is one charity official who is fed up with the way nonprofits represent Africa. Too often she sees depictions of AIDS, warfare, famine, hopelessness, desperation, and dependence on a Western hero. That kind of concern came to the surface when she saw the “Kony 2012” campaign by the advocacy group Invisible Children.

“When I saw the Kony campaign, it made me so mad,” says Ms. Rodgers, founding director of Mama Hope, a San Francisco charity that works in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and U…


DoGooder Awards Highlight Effective Nonprofit Videos

Eight charities have won cash grants through the DoGooder Awards, an annual contest that highlights the best nonprofit videos.

The winning videos, which include both advocacy and fundraising features, succinctly communicate a message while including a call to action, says Danny Alpert, a contest judge and executive producer at See3, a video consulting company that sponsors the contest, which is now in its sixth year.

“Nonprofits need to challenge themselves about what makes a story worth telling…


Podcast: How and Why Causes Gain Momentum Online

In the past few weeks and months, social media have helped many groups unleash widespread advocacy efforts that have won the attention of millions of people and ignited large-scale public debates.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood, for example, used Facebook and Twitter to inspire protests after Susan G. Komen for the Cure said it would end support to the organization. Invisible Children used a YouTube video to start a campaign to make the public aware of abuses committed by the warlord Joseph K…


YouTube Offers Live Streaming Video to Nonprofits

YouTube has started a new feature that will allow all nonprofits to broadcast live events through their own video channels.

Free live video streaming online isn’t a new technology—one of the best-known providers, ustream, started offering the service in 2007—but YouTube’s new service gives nonprofits the chance to stream video through their existing YouTube channels, with all of the features the site provides for other videos.

YouTube has provided step-by-step instructions to help nonprofits act…


Why ‘Kony 2012′ Works as an Online Video

Michael Hoffman

The Chronicle asked Michael Hoffman, chief executive of See3 Communications, a consulting company that helps nonprofits use video for advocacy and fundraising campaigns, to share lessons from the success of “Kony 2012,” the video about the African warlord Joseph Kony. His essay follows:

Invisible Children’s controversial “Kony 2012″ video has reached unprecedented heights for a social-cause video.

It has already received more than 100 million views on YouTube and Vimeo. The m…


Stuff Museum Workers Say, Showcased on YouTube

It was probably only a matter of time before the nonprofit world jumped on the “Stuff [Blank] People Say” bandwagon.

For those not familiar, the Internet meme features homemade comic videos in which people from a particular subset of society (such as dog owners) spout clichés common to their kind.

Here, employees of the Atlanta History Center and the Margaret Mitchell House offer a glimpse into the secret lives of museum workers. Apparently, a large portion of those lives take place in period co…


Controversy Pays Off for New York Health-Care Charity

A series of videos teenagers produced to promote safe sex has prompted an unexpected flood of attention for a health charity in New York, thanks to a stir caused by state lawmakers.

The controversial video (shown above) was one of five written and directed by teenagers in the Community Healthcare Network’s Positive Action and Choices for Teens program, which was started in 1998 with an infusion of state money.

The group, which has been producing videos since 2010, sent links to the videos to Ne…