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Social Media Fuel Debate as a Big Charity Cuts Off Planned Parenthood Aid

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is facing a significant social-media backlash following its decision to cut off its support of Planned Parenthood.

The controversial move by the nation’s largest breast-cancer charity will cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual grants from Komen chapters to Planned Parenthood clinics, primarily for breast exams.

The charity is now facing a significant outcry from Planned Parenthood supporters in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Planned Parenthood hel…


Nonprofits Are Expected to Use Social Media During Disasters

As Hurricane Irene barrels toward America’s East Coast, many people will be turning to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to communicate—and they expect nonprofits that provide disaster aid to do the same, according to a new survey by the American Red Cross.

Eighty percent of Americans said they expect national relief groups to monitor their own social-media feeds as well as the Web sites where disaster victims might make urgent requests for help. And they expect those groups to act q…


A Top Twitter Official’s Advice for Charities

Twitter is rapidly changing the way nonprofits promote their causes and connect to supporters, creating new opportunities—and challenges.

In her forthcoming book, Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time (Jossey-Bass), Claire Diaz Ortiz, Twitter’s top official in charge of working with nonprofits and corporations on social innovation, provides advice on how charities can best use Twitter to produce tangible results.

Following is a transcript of an interview with Ms. Diaz Ortiz cond…


Charity Turns Away Corporate Grant After Threat to End Support

A Seattle charity last week turned down an $18,000 grant from Comcast after a cable company representative threatened to pull its grant to the nonprofit over a single tweet.

A Comcast employee threatened to stop supporting Reel Grrls, a Seattle group that helps teenage girls make films, after the charity used Twitter to criticize the company’s controversial decision to hire a former Federal Communications Commission commissioner.

The cable company later told The Washington Post the threat was no…


Japan Catastrophe Tops Twitter Topics in Popularity

Items on the Japan earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan consistently ranked among the top spots in Twitter’s most-popular topics in the United States Friday morning.

The poll tracks in real time the words or phrases repeated most frequently over the social-networking site.

Among nonprofits, only American Red Cross’ mobile-giving campaign made the list, with celebrities such as George Takei asking readers to “Text REDCROSS.” As it has during previous disasters, the organization is allowing don…