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New York Nonprofits Rally Taxpayers to Protest Proposed Cuts

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed deep cuts to the state’s budget, including money for health care, education, and social-service programs. Now a nonprofit network is trying to get the public to fight back.

Human Services Council, a group of 200 nonprofits primarily in New York City, has started a campaign called “Who Cares? I Do’’ to protest the governor’s plan, introduced this month. The council hopes to create a ruckus among taxpayers who stand to lose programs run by agencie…


Online Map Documents State Arts Budget Plans

A new online map shows how states across the country are treating the arts as they work to plug big budget holes. By clicking on a state on the map, you can discover the current budget for its state arts agency, along with the proposed budgets from the state’s governor and legislature for the 2012 fiscal year.

The map—created by the State Arts Action Network, a coalition of advocacy groups—also includes information about arts advocacy campaigns. The group is still working to fill in informa…


Guest Post: Texas Nonprofits Must Fight for Their Survival

Jason Sabo. Photo courtesy of Joel Salcido

Editor’s Note: Jason Sabo, senior vice president of public policy at United Ways of Texas, submitted the following post about the impact of a budget shortfall in Texas on nonprofit organizations.

Texas nonprofits are waking up fast to the potential impact of $27-billion in proposed cuts to critical state services for the coming two-year budget cycle. That’s a huge chunk of a $99-billion general-fund budget.

Facing an unprecedented budget shortfall—th…


With Budgets Tight, States Slash Arts Support

A new study shows exactly how much cash-starved states have been squeezing their arts budgets during the economic downturn. Legislatures across the country cut appropriations to state arts agencies by 7.2 percent in the 2011 fiscal year, to $272-million. And that was the third straight year of cuts, it found, meaning legislatures have slashed spending on arts agencies by 19 percent since the recession started.

A report on the study, conducted by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, said…


Utah Community Foundation Asks State to Help Charities

Nonprofit groups across the country have felt the sting of the recession, but those in Utah face an extra handicap: Most cannot turn to community foundations for help.

Utah has only one community foundation, the Community Foundation of Utah, in Salt Lake City, that serves the broader state. It started less than three years ago and has no general endowment.

Given those limitations, the community foundation is asking the state government to help struggling charities keep their doors open.

“Our non…


Pennsylvania Advocacy Efforts Brought $3-Billion in Benefits

Advocacy by nonprofit groups in Pennsylvania brought more than $3-billion in economic benefits to the state from 2005 to 2009, according to a new study.

The study, by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, in Washington, examined the impact of work by 13 children’s, consumer, health, environmental, and other groups.

The benefits included $1-billion in additional wages because of a campaign to raise the minimum wage, $827-million in new state funds for public schools, and $57-million…


Connecticut Nonprofit Liaison Makes ‘Significant Impact’

Connecticut’s newly appointed nonprofit liaison is already pushing for changes in the way the state works with nonprofit groups.

Gov. Dan Malloy, a Democrat who took office last month, appointed Deborah Heinrich, a former state representative, to the post of Nonprofit Liaison to the Governor as part of an effort to make sure the state works more effectively with nonprofits within its borders.

Ms. Heinrich is moving quickly, prompting the administration to issue a memo last week that outlines wa…


North Carolina Charities Appeal to State Pride to Temper Budget Cuts

A coalition of nonprofit groups in North Carolina is taking a novel approach in its effort to temper state budget cuts—appealing to state pride.

The goal: to persuade the governor and Legislature to raise taxes to help close the state’s multibillion-dollar budget deficit instead of just cutting spending.

Together NC, a group that includes more than 120 charities and professional associations, has posted a Web video that highlights the state’s “world-class university system” and the “public inves…