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A Potential $15-Billion Windfall for Effective Nonprofits

It’s one of the holy grails of philanthropy: Finding ways to steer more donor money to the highest-performing nonprofits rather than to less-effective or downright fraudulent groups.

A new study by GuideStar and Hope Consulting examines what charities and nonprofit watchdogs can do to help donors make smarter giving decisions—but shows that the groups face an uphill battle. The study is a follow-up to a 2010 report, which found that only 35 percent of people conducted research on a charity befor…


Social-Justice Giving Hit Skids During Recession

Foundation support for nonprofits that fight for social justice seems to have been hurt disproportionately by the recession, according to a new report from the Foundation Center.

The study examined giving by 54 foundations that support groups working for greater economic and social equity.

It found that grant making by those funds dropped by 19 percent, to $763-million, from 2008 to 2009.

And giving to social justice isn’t expected to recover quickly. Grant making in 2015 is projected to be 5.5 …


Multimillion-Dollar Commitments by Grant Makers; Other Updates

• Dell, the corporate giant, announced this month a new plan to use its cash and technology to fight pediatric cancer. Through January, Dell will commit $4-million in cash and cloud computing technology that will speed up and improve a study on a form of cancer called neuroblastoma. The commitment, which will include additional money and resources in future years, grew out of work that Dell’s business side was doing with the Translational Genomics Research Institute, one of the organizations inv…


The Future of Community Foundations

The Chronicle and the Council on Foundations recently invited community-foundation leaders to take part in a discussion on Twitter about how their organizations can more effectively address social problems and advocate for important issues.

Emmett Carson, chief executive of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation; Teri A. Hansen, chief executive of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation; and Rebecca Graves, executive director of CF Insights; contributed to the discussion.

Below are highlights of th…