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The Chronicle publishes Philanthropy Today, a daily e-mail newsletter that wraps up the day's top news and information, and Philanthropy This Week, a weekly summary of all the important news events from the nonprofit world. All recipients of The Chronicle's e-mail newsletters have requested to receive them, so you can be assured that your ad will be seen by active, interested readers. Your organization's advertisement will appear in a prominent position, giving added attention to your message. Visit the links below for more detailed information.

Philanthropy Today
Philanthropy This Week
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Philanthropy Today

Delivered free to readers each weekday afternoon, Philanthropy Today condenses the day's latest developments in the nonprofit world into a quick, easy-to-read news briefing.

•  Weekday Afternoons
•  More than 70,000 subscribers
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Philanthropy This Week

A weekly summary of all the important news events from the nonprofit world. Mails every Tuesday morning, and 18 times a year includes a bonus preview of the news articles published in our latest print edition.

•  Tuesday Mornings
•  More than 50,000 subscribers
•  Download Informational PDF

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E-mail Newsletter Rates:

Philanthropy Today:
$2,300 Flat Rate (primary position) 300 x 250 square banner
$2,300 Flat Rate (Text Ad 1)
$2,300 Flat Rate (Text Ad 2)

Philanthropy This Week:
$2,000 Flat Rate

*Buy 5 insertions and recieve a 20% discount.

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E-mail Newsletter Ad Specifications

Creative Size Accepted File Formats GIF/JPEG Size Animation length: Loops in animation:
300 x 250 .gif, .jpeg, animated gif 39K 15 seconds 3 loops
• All creative with a white background must have a 1x1 black pixel border.

• Please note that ads submitted in animated .gif format may not render properly in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 displays the first frame of the .gif as a static image. To ensure that your entire message is visible to all our subscribers, you may choose to submit a static banner or create an animated file in which the first frame works as a static image.

For Text ads, submit 25 words or less, and a click-through URL.

Creative deadline: 5 business days prior to campaign start date


•  Download Informational PDF

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Ad Trafficking

Chronicle-trafficked ads
If The Chronicle will be trafficking the e-mail newsletter ad, advertiser must submit the image file (static .jpeg, .gif) along with a live click-through URL with tracking code (optional).
Third-party ad trafficking
We gladly accept tags from third-party ad servers. Below are the specifications for e-mail newsletter tags.

Advertisers may choose to:
* Submit an image file (static, .jpeg, .gif) along with a third-party served click-through URL for tracking.

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Advertisers who choose not to traffic ads through a third party service are encouraged to submit unique tracking URL's or add tracking codes to existing click-through URL's. The Chronicle does not provide tracking for ads in the e-mail newsletters. For information on how to implement a tracking URL for your company, please e-mail creative@philanthropy.com or call the display advertising department at (202) 466-1080.

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