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Fundraising's Recovery Could Take Until 2018

At current giving levels, it will take organizations at least five more years to raise as much as they did before the recession started in 2007, researchers predict.

Ideas That Work

Increasing Donations

  • 06142013 stubborn two percent

    The Stubborn 2% Giving Rate

    Philanthropy experts ponder what it would take to get most Americans to squeeze a few more charity dollars from their wallets.

  • What It Would Take to Increase Giving

    See ideas to boost donations as well as estimates of how much extra they could provide to charities.

Data from the Study

Live Events

  • Discussing Giving USA 2012

    Watch a recording of a panel discussion moderated by Chronicle editor Stacy Palmer at the Hudson Institute.

  • 20130614 live discussion

    Giving USA: What's Next for Fundraising?

    Read the transcript of an online discussion about the latest findings on donations and learn what successful charities are doing.