A Public Radio Station Tunes In to a City’s Innermost Thoughts 1

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Public Radio Tunes In to a City’s Innermost Thoughts

WWNO in New Orleans is seeking honest opinions from diverse voices by embedding microphones in cardboard sculptures around town where people can answer the question of the week.

Podcast: What's The Big Idea?

  • Doc Searls

    What Would Happen If You Let Donors Come to You?

    As demand for online privacy grows, author Doc Searls says nonprofits have a lot to gain by making it easy for donors to give through a standard, simple tool instead of their...

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$10-Million for Paid Internships

Among the 10 new grants posted today: $10-million from the Yawkey Foundations to Boston University to start a paid nonprofit internship program. Search The Chronicle's database of more than 38,000 grants.Premium Link

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