Explore Charitable Giving in Your State, City, and Neighborhood

An exclusive Chronicle study shows how much money Americans give to charity. How does your community compare?

Utah residents gave 10.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity, by far the highest rate in the United States. See the interactive
New Hampshire reported charitable contributions that totaled 2.5 percent of discretionary income—the lowest among the 50 states. See the interactive
Nearly $1 in $8 given to charity comes from California. Its residents have donated more than $17.2-billion. See the interactive
ZIP code 10021 in Manhattan's Upper East Side contributed more money than any other ZIP code in the country: $478-million. See the interactive
ZIP code 74103 in Tulsa, Okla., is one of the nation's 10-wealthiest, and its residents gave generously—21.6 percent of their discretionary income. See the interactive

Spotlight on Giving in Big Cities

Phoenix's Giving Boom

The metropolitan area jumped 17 places in generosity rankings by The Chronicle, in part because of a far-reaching tax incentive plan and a growing sophistication among donors and fundraisers.


Providence Fundraisers Confront Tough Times


Twin Cities' Generous Heritage Faces a Challenge


Faith Drives Donations in Washington, D.C., Region


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Learn how tax breaks, politics, faith—even the neighborhoods Americans call home—can have a profound effect on generosity.

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