The Blame Game


Keeping Your Organization Out of the 'Blame Game'

What leaders, board members, and employees can do to change an organizational culture based on fear and finger-pointing.

Social-Media Expert Advice

Journalist and social-media expert Sree Sreenivasan, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's first-ever chief digital officer, talks about why social media are the perfect tools for promoting good causes.

Podcast: What's the Big Idea?

  • Doc Searls

    What Would Happen If You Let Donors Come to You?

    As demand for online privacy grows, author Doc Searls says nonprofits have a lot to gain by making it easy for donors to give through a standard, simple tool instead of their...

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Podcast: Fundraising Fundamentals

  • yea-end fundraising fundamentals Oct 2014

    Tips for Jump-Starting Your Year-End Campaign

    Now is the time to get your mailing list in order, collect stories, set a campaign calendar—and even write the thank-you notes you’ll use later, says one...

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Podcast: Making Change

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