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General rates
The Chronicle requires all first-time advertisers to prepay for their initial insertion.
20,000 – 199,999 impressions $58
200,000 – 299,999 impressions 54
300,000 – 399,999 impressions 51
400,000 + impressions 47


Web Site banners728x90, 336x280, 300x250
Rates for contract advertisers

These rates apply only to advertisers who have print contracts with The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
3x print contract $48
6x print contract 45
9x print contract 44
12x print contract 43
18x print contract 40
24x print contract 38


E-mail Newsletter Banners300x250 Flat Rate Cost
Philanthropy Today
Primary position $2,000
Secondary position $1,000
This Week in Philanthropy $1,500


*  CPM stands for "cost per thousand." Banner advertising rates are based on cost per thousand ad impressions. E-mail newsletter rates are based on a flat-rate per insertion.

•  Minimum Web site banner purchase is 20,000 impressions.

•  For targeted Web site banner placement, add $5 to the CPM per targeting element.

•  All first-time advertisers are required to prepay for their initial insertion.

•  All rates quoted are gross. The Chronicle offers a 15% agency discount to recognized advertising agencies.