Outlook 2013 Khan Section Feature

Outlook 2013

5 Nonprofit Innovators to Watch in 2013

Nonprofit players will lend their voices and their creative minds to transforming education and tackling some of society's toughest problems.

Outlook 2013 Data Numbers

Outlook 2013

5 Ways Nonprofit Work Will Change in 2013

Charities will have to stay nimble to keep up with the changing face of giving, the growing predominance of the mobile Web, and a more diverse population.

Outlook 2013 Dream

Outlook 2013

5 Nonprofit Leaders Who Will Influence Public Policy in 2013

Powerful leaders from all corners—including the Tea Party, the environmental world, and an immigrants-rights group—will leave their imprint this year.

Outlook 2013 Deduction

Outlook 2013

5 Things That an Eventful Year Taught Charities

Charities learned how to handle scandals — and how not to — and found out that some things that always seemed safe, like the charitable deduction, are up for debate.

Outlook 2013 IUPUI Grads

Outlook 2013

5 Nonprofit High Points in 2012

Growing transparency, philanthropic studies, and big gifts were among the highlights of the past year.

Outlook 2013 Sandy

Outlook 2013

5 Nonprofit Low Points in 2012

Scandals, political gridlock, and the end of an icon marked a year with more than its share of turmoil.