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How to Optimize Your Website to Appeal to Donors

Join us for a Webinar that will show you how your nonprofit can create a more positive experience for Website visitors and online donors. We’ll explain which types of information donors want before they donate and how to make it easier for people to give. We’ll identify pitfalls to avoid, share tips for making your site more mobile friendly, and offer real-time critiques of select nonprofit websites.

Katie Bisbee
Katie Bisbee

Chief Marketing Officer


Katie  Zarich
Katie Zarich

Chief Financial Optimist

Building Tomorrow

After July 24: $119 Early Bird: $99
Save 15% when you buy this Webinar as part of a Package.
Grant Seeking

Corporate Giving: Win Support from Big Companies

Many big companies offer cash and product donations, marketing support, and even professional volunteers to help charities. But nonprofits often find it difficult to gain access to corporate officials who make decisions about philanthropy. And when they do, charities often don’t know how to present proposals that mesh with a company’s goals.

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy for a one-hour Webinar that will provide a roadmap to help you navigate the complex world of corporate giving, and give you a chance to ask questions of the people who make the decisions about where the money goes.

After August 7: $96 Early Bird: $75
Save 15% when you buy this Webinar as part of a Package.

How to Attract Hispanic Donors

Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the country according to the latest U.S. Census, and are expected to represent 27 percent of the U.S. population by 2045. Yet many nonprofits struggle to encourage Hispanic and Latino donors to give, in large part because it takes understanding a wide array of cultural backgrounds.

Learn how you can emulate the success of those nonprofits that have figured out how to connect with Hispanics by joining us for a one-hour session that will include case studies, creative approaches, and advice on how to build authentic relationships with Hispanic supporters.

After September 4: $96 Early Bird: $75