• October 22, 2014


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How America Gives: Innovative Ways to Use the Latest Giving Data

Join us for exclusive analysis of the latest release of The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s How America Gives data, which reveals how much money Americans give to charity in every state, city, and county across the country.

You’ll gain valuable insights into the changing landscape of giving as well as practical fundraising applications for the data― from benchmarking to wealth screening to targeting new donors through direct-mail.

Steve  MacLaughlin
Steve MacLaughlin

Director of Product Management


Peter  Panepento
Peter Panepento

Digital and Social Media Strategist


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Grant Seeking

Win Support From Local Companies

Local businesses can be important allies to charities – offering visibility, donations, and volunteers to nonprofits in their communities. But nonprofits often ignore smaller businesses, opting instead to chase higher-profile national companies that are less likely to provide support. Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy to learn how to identify businesses that are most likely to support your cause and develop strategies for building partnerships that will help your organization raise more money and build stronger ties in your community.

After November 6: $96 Early Bird: $75

Monthly Giving: Beyond the Basics

For nonprofits that have already started to encourage monthly giving, this session will explore how to keep the momentum going by continuing to convert existing donors to sustaining members, and attract new supporters to this more reliable form of giving. We’ll share real-world examples of groups that are building strong monthly giving program, offer practical tips for minimizing dropouts, and share strategies for maximizing monthly giving.