• December 20, 2014


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Monthly Giving: Beyond the Basics

As monthly giving gains a foothold among donors, many charities are getting in on the action. For those nonprofits that have already started to encourage donors to give monthly, this session will explore how to keep the momentum going by continuing to persuade loyal donors to become sustaining members, and attract new supporters to this more reliable form of giving.

We’ll share real-world examples of groups that have built strong monthly giving programs, offer practical tips for minimizing dropouts, and share strategies for maximizing monthly giving. 

After January 8: $96 Early Bird: $75
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Grant Seeking

Writing Winning Grant Proposals: A Deeper Dive

Join us for a tactical session in which we will examine the key elements of strong, well-written proposals that stand apart from the competition. This webinar builds on our 2014 grant-seeking sessions.

After January 29: $119 Early Bird: $99

How to Build Lasting Ties with Wealthy Donors

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s for an engaging interview with a veteran fundraiser and a philanthropist. You’ll hear directly from the major donor about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fundraising, and you’ll gain insights into how to build stronger ties with donors. We’ll share tips and strategies for winning support from wealthy donors as well as findings from the 2015 Philanthropy 50 survey, which tracks the 50 most generous U.S. donors

After February 19: $96 Early Bird: $75

How to Attract African-American Donors

Major demographic shifts are underway in the United States according to the latest census, and experts advise nonprofits to start planning now for a more diverse philanthropic landscape. A few nonprofits have figured out how to appeal to African-American donors and have inspired them to give and get involved. Join us to hear how these nonprofits are cultivating ties to African Americans and raising more money as a result. Learn mistakes to avoid and gain valuable strategies that you can use to build a more diverse group of supporters.

After March 12: $96 Early Bird: $75

Corporate Grants and Partnerships: How to Form Lasting Ties

How can your nonprofit build lucrative and lasting fundraising ties with companies? Join The Chronicle for a firsthand look at how innovative nonprofits successfully attract steady streams of corporate support. We’ll explore the factors that drive companies giving decisions and offer strategies to help your organization build similar corporate relationships.


Professional Skills for New Fundraisers

First-time fundraisers fresh out of school often need guidance on how to represent one’s nonprofit and successfully relate to donors. This session will help attendees sharpen donor-relations skills, explore effective professional fundraising habits, and hone written and in-person communication skills. We’ll help participants understand their strengths and weaknesses, share do’s and don’ts, and position young development staff for professional growth and increased responsibilities. This session is designed to streamline in-house training and help fundraising managers get new staff members up to speed more quickly.


How to Attract Female Donors

Numerous studies indicate that women are more generous than men when it comes to charitable giving. At every giving level, women are more likely than men to make donations―and to give more.  To learn how to tap into this often overlooked group of supporters, join The Chronicle of Philanthropy for this informative session.


How to Build a Strong Volunteer Program

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy and nonprofit experts to learn how your charity can build a strong volunteer program that reduces operating costs, expands your reach, and attracts supporters, including big business.


Using Data Visualization to Inspire Donors to Give

Big data is everywhere these days, and many nonprofits are mastering data collection and analysis. But once you have compelling data, how do you effectively share it with supporters, potential donors, and key stakeholders? Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy for an informative session that will demonstrate how to convey powerful data in appealing and easy to understand ways. We’ll share examples of infographics that distill complex information in accessible and attractive ways and offer strategies for your nonprofit to stand out from the competition in an increasingly visual world.


How to Attract Giving-Circle Dollars

Donors who participate in giving circles give more generously than other donors, and they support  more causes. Learn how your nonprofit can bolster giving through affinity groups and identity-based giving in this session that will explore real-world success stories from nonprofits that have established successful giving circles.


Year-End Campaigns: Strategies that Work

Plan now and enjoy strong fourth-quarter fundraising returns. Join us for an online session that will offer fresh ideas for bolstering your year-end fundraising. We’ll share examples of approaches that worked at other nonprofits, offer tips for integrating direct-mail and online giving, and share strategies to help you plan a strong campaign to close 2015.


Organize Cost-Effective Special Events

Whether you’re developing a new walkathon, gala, auction, or other event―or seeking ideas to breathe new life into a tired affair, join us for online session that will offer practical tips for keeping costs down while raising more money. We’ll share smart ways to market and promote your event, explain how to avoid common pitfalls that keep events from producing strong returns, and offer tips for deciding when  an events planner is worth the money, and when you don’t need one.

Social Media

Reach New Donors Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is big data, offering fundraisers access to a trove of information about prospective donors, such as potential donors’ skills and experience, professional networks, and areas of interest. Are you tapping into to this powerful online resource? Join us to find out how to take advantage of the growing site. We’ll offer tips and strategies for expanding your organization’s network, capturing contacts, and engaging supporters.


How to Hold a Successful Giving Day

Scores of nonprofits, universities, and community groups are discovering how to build excitement and momentum around day-long fundraising campaigns. Join us for a primer on how to plan for and execute a one-day fundraising campaign for your cause.


How to Engage Millennial Donors

Figuring out how to corral “next gen” donors is a challenge for charities. While younger donors are more likely to volunteer, they also demand more transparency and detailed information before donating to a nonprofit.  Groups that can figure out how to channel the energy of younger supporters—and decipher how the giving patterns of younger generations differ from those of their parents and grandparents—will have soon have the upper hand. Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy and fundraising experts to find out what works, and what doesn’t, with tomorrow’s donors.

Grant Seeking

How to Win Grants from Private Foundation Donors

Today, more than 1.5 million grant-seeking organizations in the United States compete for private foundation grants. Most nonprofits focus on the largest two percent of private foundations, those with hundreds of millions, even billions, of dollars. Yet the nation’s 84,000 other private foundations, which each hold less than $50 million in assets, are often overlooked. Join us to learn how to tap into smaller private foundations, which often make decisions more quickly, give grants in lump sums rather than multiple payments, have easier applications to complete, and fewer competing proposals submitted.