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Craft Fundraising Appeals That Inspire Action

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy to learn what works best in direct-mail and e-mail fundraising appeals. Our fundraising expert will offer advice on appeals submitted by Webinar participants and offer insights into how to make them more compelling and produce better results. We’ll also share insights into how donor expectations are changing and which time-tested techniques still work.

After April 24: $96 Early Bird: $75
Grant Seeking

How to Write Winning Grant Proposals

What do foundations look for in winning grant proposals, and what does it take to rise to the top in an increasingly competitive environment? Join us for a 90-minute session in which you’ll hear directly from a foundation program officer and a successful grant writer about the key elements every winning grant proposal needs. We’ll review elements of real-world proposals and offer constructive feedback on how to make them stronger. We’ll share techniques for writing better and more efficiently, show you how to strengthen your case for support, and offer strategies to help set you apart from the competition. 

After May 29: $119 Early Bird: $99
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Online Giving: Maximize Your Digital Donors

Gain insights from The Chronicle’s Online Giving Survey and learn how even a small investment can boost the number of online donors and the amount of money your organization raises. We’ll explain the best times to approach online supporters and offer other proven techniques for winning gifts online.

After June 12: $96 Early Bird: $75
Save 15% when you buy this Webinar as part of a Package.

Numbers and Your Narrative: Use Data to Tell Your Story

As big data evolves, we offer a look at how charities can use public and internal data to prove their value and convince donors to support their work. The session will explain how to identify, understand, and present data and show you how to use data to prove the value of your mission, raise more money, and grow.

After July 10: $96 Early Bird: $75

How to Create a Website That Appeals to Donors

Join us for a Webinar that will show you how your nonprofit can create a more positive experience for Website visitors and online donors. We’ll explain which types of information donors want before they donate and how to make it easier for people to give. We’ll identify pitfalls to avoid by sharing videos of young donors testing a variety of nonprofit websites, and we’ll offer real-time critiques of select nonprofit websites.

After July 24: $119 Early Bird: $99
Save 15% when you buy this Webinar as part of a Package.
Grant Seeking

Corporate Giving: Win Support from Big Companies

Many big companies offer cash and product donations, marketing support, and even professional volunteers to help charities. But nonprofits often find it difficult to gain access to corporate officials who make decisions about philanthropy. And when they do, charities often don’t know how to present proposals that mesh with a company’s goals.

After August 7: $96 Early Bird: $75
Save 15% when you buy this Webinar as part of a Package.

Young Donors: Inspire a Lifetime of Giving

We’ll share new research and show you efforts nonprofits have used to successfully appeal to younger donors. We’ll share insights from a joint report from The Chronicle and Achieve that explores how young donors react to appeals from nonprofits including their alma maters.

After September 18: $96 Early Bird: $75

How to Integrate Your Online and Direct-Mail Fundraising

By thinking strategically, and testing new approaches, some nonprofits are attracting new online supporters without losing existing donors—and without breaking the budget. By developing integrated fundraising campaigns that work well for direct-mail, e-mail, and social media, some groups are streamlining their fundraising and raising more money. Join us for a 90-minute session in which we’ll explore examples of successful integrated campaigns and offer insights into key strategies for success.

After October 2: $119 Early Bird: $99

Cultivate a Culture of Fundraising on Your Board

Many nonprofits struggle to create a board of directors that raises substantial sums in addition to providing good governance. This session will provide clear guidance for nonprofit executives on how to encourage your board to donate and raise money for your cause. We’ll explain how to create a fundraising culture within your governing board.

After October 16: $96 Early Bird: $75