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February 09, 2014

No. 26: Lawrence Ellison

Stephen Lam/Reuters/Newscom

Amount donated in 2013: $72.2-million

Beneficiary: Lawrence Ellison Foundation

Background: Mr. Ellison co-founded Oracle, a computer-software company.

Mr. Ellison, 69, gave a total of $72.2-million to the Lawrence Ellison Foundation. The total includes Oracle stock valued at more than $66.7-million and land valued at nearly $5.5-million.

Mr. Ellison changed the foundation’s name last year from the Ellison Medical Foundation, though he declined to say why. He has broadened its mission from one solely dedicated to biomedical research to one that also supports education, global health and development, and wildlife conservation, among other causes.

The land Mr. Ellison donated is in Saratoga, Calif., and will be used to build and operate the Conservation Center for Wildlife Care, which the foundation is in the process of establishing. The center will include a program to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals and return them to the wild. It will also operate projects aimed at reversing the demise of environmentally important California animals as well as and education programs for children.

The foundation gave out about $53-million to nonprofits in 2013. Mr. Ellison plans to further develop the philanthropy’s new focus over the coming years, said Kevin Lee, the executive director.

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