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February 06, 2012

No. 32: Jon M. Huntsman Sr. and Karen H. Huntsman

Amount donated in 2011: $42.2-million

Biggest beneficiary: Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Donors’ background: Mr. Huntsman founded the Huntsman Corporation, in Salt Lake City. The company makes chemicals for adhesives, aerospace equipment, electronics, paints, and other products.

Mr. Huntsman, 74, and his wife, Karen, 73, gave $41-million to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, in Salt Lake City, to support a variety of programs at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, a hospital and research center at the University of Utah. The money will enable the institute to hire more cancer researchers and physicians, support new cancer research and treatment technologies, and expand research spaces.

The couple established the foundation in 1995 for the sole purpose of supporting the institute. Not including their most recent donation, Mr. and Mrs. Huntsman have given the foundation more than $300-million over the years. Mr. Huntsman has said he hopes he and his wife’s most recent donation brings the institute one step closer to finding a cure for cancer. Mr. Huntsman’s mother, father, and stepmother all died from the disease, and he has survived four bouts of cancer.

The Huntsmans also gave a total of $1.2-million to other nonprofits last year, including religious and educational organizations.

—Maria Di Mento

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