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How to Engage Millennial Donors

Figuring out how to attract “next gen” donors is a challenge for charities. While donors in their 20s and 30s are keen to volunteer, they also demand more transparency and detailed information before donating to a nonprofit.  Groups that can figure out how to channel the energy of young supporters—and decipher how the giving patterns of younger generations differ from those of their parents and grandparents—will have soon have the upper hand. Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy and fundraising experts to find out what works, and what doesn’t, with tomorrow’s donors.

Felicity Lark-Hei Meu
Felicity Lark-Hei Meu

Next Generation Giving, Stanford University

Nichole Pfeiffer Hicks
Nichole Pfeiffer Hicks
Relay For Life Student and Young Professional Strategy, National Managing Director

American Cancer Society

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Grant Seeking

How to Win Grants from Private Foundations

Many nonprofits focus their grant seeking on the wealthiest foundations, ignoring the 84,000 family and small foundations that are each worth $50-million or less.

But small funds often make decisions more quickly, make grants in lump sums rather than multiple payments,  and offer easier application processes. What's more, the competition is a lot less stiff.

Join us to learn how to navigate the world of small foundations and attract more money for your nonprofit.


register for this Webinar Early Bird: $75 After November 12: $96

How to Build a Planned Giving Program

For nonprofits new to planned giving, experts recommend starting by asking donors to designate the organization in their wills or on a life insurance policy or retirement account, and moving to more complex bequests over time. To learn how to start seeking such donations, join us for a one-hour session that will walk through the fundamentals of establishing a planned giving program.