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How to Attract African-American Donors

Major demographic shifts are underway in the United States according to the latest census, and experts advise nonprofits to start planning now for a more diverse philanthropic landscape. A few nonprofits have figured out how to appeal to African-American donors and have inspired them to give and get involved. Join us to hear how these nonprofits are cultivating ties to African Americans and raising more money as a result. Learn mistakes to avoid and gain valuable strategies that you can use to build a more diverse group of supporters.

Join us to learn how nonprofits can cultivate ties to African Americans that will lead to more involvement and eventually more donations not just from blacks, but from a range of diverse supporters. 

Nelson Bowman III
Nelson Bowman III
Executive Director of Development

Prairie View A&M University

Marybeth Gasman
Marybeth Gasman

University of Pennsylvania

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Grant Seeking

Corporate Grants and Partnerships: How to Form Lasting Ties

How can your nonprofit build lucrative and lasting fundraising ties with companies? Join The Chronicle for a firsthand look at how innovative nonprofits successfully attract steady streams of corporate support. We’ll explore the factors that drive companies giving decisions and offer strategies to help your organization build similar corporate relationships.

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Professional Skills for New Fundraisers

First-time fundraisers fresh out of school often need guidance on how to represent one’s nonprofit and successfully relate to donors. This session will help attendees sharpen donor-relations skills, explore effective professional fundraising habits, and hone written and in-person communication skills. We’ll help participants understand their strengths and weaknesses, share do’s and don’ts, and position young development staff for professional growth and increased responsibilities. This session is designed to streamline in-house training and help fundraising managers get new staff members up to speed more quickly.

register for this Webinar Early Bird: $75 After April 23: $96